Suffolk launches its zero bills homes initiative, a first-of-its-kind in the region.

Essentially, the Zero Bills scheme is an innovative, smart tariff system that, when combined with fully sustainable technology-equipped homes, ensures that people will not receive any energy bills.

Here's how it works: each house in the development is equipped with state-of-the-art green technologies.

These technologies generate energy in a sustainable way which is then used to power the home.

East Anglian Daily Times: Hopkins Homes Announces Suffolk's First Zero Bills Homes with Octopus Energy Hopkins Homes Announces Suffolk's First Zero Bills Homes with Octopus Energy (Image: Hopkins Homes)

The properties on offer will be three- and four-bedroom houses, all furnished with the technologies.

Energy solutions such as roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, air-source heat pumps and a home battery, ensure each home provides its own sustainable, cost-free energy source.

Hopkins Homes in collaboration with Octopus Energy are introducing the homes at the Church View development in Bramford.

Duncan Jackson, managing director of Hopkins Homes, said: "We are committed to delivering energy efficiency and smarter living, while maintaining the charm and traditional essence of our homes.

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"This partnership represents the first of many exciting initiatives for Hopkins Homes as we strive towards the goal of being net-zero-carbon ready by 2050."

The Zero Bills operation is made viable through Octopus' Kraken technology platform.

This connects to the clean energy devices fitted in the homes and adjusts their energy usage to yield a zero bill.

The properties, according to a Home Builders Federation (HBF) report, can save homeowners an average of £2,200 a year on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by more than 2.5 tonnes annually.

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Michael Cottrell, Zero Bills director at Octopus Energy, said: “As the energy grid evolves, so does our ability to revolutionise homeownership.

"With our Zero Bills smart proposition, Hopkins Homes homeowners can enjoy not only zero energy bills, but also a genuine shift towards sustainable living.

"By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and renewable energy, we can make green living the standard across the industry.”