Cybercrime has more than tripled in Suffolk this year compared to last year new police figures have shown.

According to data from Action Fraud, which collects reports of fraud on behalf of police there were 66 reports of cybercrime in January and February this year compared to only 20 reports during the same timeframe in 2023.

The reports show that social media and email hacking and personal hacking were the most reported crimes.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Reports of fraud are centrally managed at a national level through Action Fraud and the allocation of investigations can sometimes be protracted. 

“Fraud investigations can be complex, long running, and often involve external financial institutions.

"In addition, each case will be reviewed to determine whether other agencies such as Trading Standards are best placed to investigate due to their powers or relevant legislation.

“Suffolk Constabulary will consider each report before determining if the circumstances are suitable for a criminal investigation. 

"We understand that fraud has a significant impact both on individuals and businesses and work hard to understand this and support victims during these long investigations.”