We're only a few months away from the end of this lame duck government - and I can't wait to see the end of the current bunch of caretakers!

In this region we're being held hostage by a bunch of numpties in government who know that the time is ticking on their administration and are refusing to take the big decisions needed.

Look at the Sunnica Solar Farm proposal in West Suffolk. 

A major energy producer has proposed to install thousands of solar panels across thousands of acres in the north west of the county.

Many local residents don't like the idea. There have been many protests - outgoing MP Matt Hancock and the man who wants to take over from him Nick Timothy are both strongly opposed to the plan.

I can well understand their point of view. A landscape dominated by what looks like thousands of dark mirrors is very different to one dominated by acres of green crops.

But as this is deemed as a matter of national importance the final decision on whether it goes ahead has to be taken by the government, not local councils.

However, the government has now put off announcing a decision on this for the FOURTH time. To be honest when I heard the final decision would be announced in June, my reaction was: "Which June? This year or next year?"

The fact is the ministers at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero are total cowards.

I've been told by an energy expert and from a couple of rival politicians that while it is very unpopular locally, the Sunnica application is very robust and that it's impossible to see any flaws in it to warrant refusal given current legislation.

A refusal could spark a legal challenge - which could end up costing the government (and taxpayers) millions - and would ultimately still result in the project going ahead anyway.

However, Conservative government ministers are scared to let it go ahead because it will cause problems for their party colleagues in the general election.

East Anglian Daily Times: There is huge opposition to the proposed West Suffolk solar farm.There is huge opposition to the proposed West Suffolk solar farm. (Image: Newsquest)

Kick off the decision until after we've lost the election, get the other lot to make the unpopular decision and leave Mr Timothy and his colleagues to slag off the Labour government for a something that he knows his own lot would have had to do if they'd remained in power!

Tory MPs in the region are also looking forward to when the new Labour government makes the decision to allow the pylons to go up between Norwich and Tilbury through the heart of Suffolk - although in this case the decision was always going to happen after the election.

Another area where crucial decisions for the region's infrastructure have been kicked into the long grass is on road and rail upgrades.

It's been known for years that the only way to increase cross-country rail East Anglian Daily Times: Major work needs to be completed either side of Ely Station to increase capacity.Major work needs to be completed either side of Ely Station to increase capacity. (Image: Paul Geater)freight between Felixstowe and the Midlands and north is by upgrading junctions at Ely and Haughley.

It's been talked about ever since the coalition days - but precious little has happened. Network Rail hasn't even been given permission to draw up a detailed plan.

It is frustrating  and I hope the new government does set the wheels in motion on this - but if I hear complaints by local Tories about lack of action in the years ahead it will feel a bit rich given the lack of action during their own government's administration!

The same can be said of attempts to improve the A14 in Suffolk - especially sorting out the nightmare that you find at the Copdock interchange near Ipswich every rush hour.

I'm no expert in all the delayed decisions we have seen across the country - but I have read enough to know that East Anglia isn't unique in suffering this kind of governmental inertia.

It's left me just wanting to get the election over and done with - and get a government in place that actually wants to do something and not just put off unpalatable decisions!



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