A painting of a village pub found 3,500 miles across the Atlantic in a junkyard will be put in "pride of place" after it was brought to the UK.

A watercolour of the Greyhound pub in Claydon, dating back to 1892, is now home in Suffolk following the surprise discovery.

The painting is believed to be by Suffolk artist Henry John Wykes, who moved to Ipswich as a young man with his family and became a member and exhibitor at the Ipswich Fine Art Club.

It was found by Dr John Marrack, who is an artist himself living in Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, in Canada.

The painting had been discarded in a junkyard.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Greyhound Inn, Claydon, by Henry John Wykes, 1892.The Greyhound Inn, Claydon, by Henry John Wykes, 1892. (Image: The Claydon Greyhound)

Dr Marrack kindly decided to return the painting for free, calling the pub and arranging a visit on Thursday (April 11).

Manager of the Claydon Greyhound, Rachael Howlett, said: "Dr Marrack called up the pub on Tuesday and he asked if we would like a watercolour painting of the pub. 

"I asked how much would he want for it, and he said nothing, and so I said, '100% then'.

"He told me he had found it in Canada. He must have done his research about the pub, and was in Suffolk for a few days and was passing through, so he brought it in.

"It's quite delicate, so I will have to be careful putting it up, but it will take pride of place on the wall.

"It's so interesting to think the pub's been here all these years, and you can still see that it's Claydon Greyhound.

East Anglian Daily Times: Dr John Marrack returned the painting to Rachael Howlett on Thursday.Dr John Marrack returned the painting to Rachael Howlett on Thursday. (Image: The Claydon Greyhound)

"You just wonder how a painting from a Suffolk artist ended up in Canada. He said he had found it in a junkyard or some such thing.

"Life is full of surprises."

The painting will be placed in a prominent position on the wall inside the pub, along with other old photos and paintings of the village.