An Ipswich couple started off their weekend in the best possible way after bagging themselves £3,000 on national radio. 

Paul and Mandy Fenn, from Ipswich, appeared on Heart Radio's breakfast show with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden. 

Zoe Hardman was in the town and surprised Mr and Mrs Fenn at their home after they shared a funny story of themselves. 

Describing a story about their Christmas lights, Mrs Fenn said: "Last Christmas we lights up all around the outside of the house, and we didn't want to leave the pets out so we put lights up around their run as well."

When they turned the lights on they realised they had accidentally spelled out the word 'poo'. 

"When the grandchildren came round they thought it was hilarious," Mrs Fenn said.

Just for telling the story the couple received £1,500 to spend at Matalan. 

They then had the chance to double their money by answering a question read out by Zoe Hardman. 

They got the answer correct and received another £1,500. 

Mrs Fenn said that the pair are expecting a new grandchild next week and said it will be "right spoilt".