The number of reported hate crimes fell by 14 per cent in Suffolk between 2022 and 2023.

The fall in the number was revealed in data obtained through a Freedom of Information request made to Suffolk Constabulary. 

A hate crime is defined by the police as hostility motivated by race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

In all, there were 810 reported hate crimes in 2022/2023, out of which 83 were related to disability, 569 to race and religion, 126 to sexual orientation and 32 to gender identity. 

In addition, there were also 193 hate incidents reported, taking the total number of times the police were called to the scene of a reported hate-related incident to 1,003.

The figures represent a 14 per cent drop from the previous year which saw 1,167 reports of hate crimes in total - a 23.3 per cent drop since 2018. 


The trend is in line with the national picture, which has also seen a ten per cent drop in reports of hate crimes and incidents.  

Within Suffolk, Ipswich had the highest number of reports of hate crime in 2023, which was nearly 150 more than Waveney, which had the second most reports. 

Ipswich had 281 reports throughout the year, with 192 of them being related to race and religion. 

Suffolk-wide, 61 per cent of reported hate crime in 2022/23 was racially and religiously motivated, according to the figures.


A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Suffolk Constabulary takes every report of hate crime very seriously and investigates incidents thoroughly. We continue to work with partners to ensure we are effectively supporting all members of our many communities.

“We regularly reach out to community groups/organisations in order to build trust, raise awareness and increase reporting. Hate crime in any form is unacceptable in today’s society and can have a devastating and often life-changing impact on the victim."