Drivers are being warned of two abnormal loads being transported through Suffolk today. 

Suffolk police will be escorting two large loads across the county on Sunday. 

The first is expected to leave Port of Felixstowe at about 8am.

Police will be escorting a 120-tonne transformer to Bramford sub station in Bullen Lane. 

Suffolk police has said that some street furniture will be removed while the abnormal load makes its way to the sub station. 

The escort route will be: local roads - A14 - A1214 - A1071 - B1113 - Bullen Lane.

At about 1.30pm Suffolk police will then be escorting a crane and ballast from Aylesbury to Sizewell B Power Station. 

The escort route through Suffolk will be: A12 Essex Border - A14 - A12 - B1122 - Lover's Lane - local roads to Site.