We asked our readers what they would miss if they left Suffolk - and one response just kept coming up.

1. "The countryside and coast"

The most common response from our readers was that they would miss Suffolk's scenic countryside and coastline. 

One reader said they would really miss "the sea, the nice people and the lovely countryside".

Another exclaimed: "I would never leave unless you had me in a coffin".

2. "ITFC"

Many readers also showed their love for Ipswich Town Football Club and their beloved stadium, Portman Road. 

Ipswich Town will face Hull City next Saturday in a bid to gain promotion into the Premier League. 

3. "Potholes"

Other readers sarcastically said that they would really miss the potholes in Suffolk.

One reader comically exclaimed, "I'll miss guessing what the road signs say while hitting potholes".

Calls for action to repair potholes in Suffolk increased by 82% last financial year, reaching the equivalent of more than 18,000 requests.

4. "Walks in Framlingham"

Framlingham and Lavenham were frequently mentioned as places people loved to visit.

Both towns also placed on our readers list for the best places to visit in Suffolk

5. "Old pubs"

Readers also showed their love Suffolk's various "real pubs" dotted up and down the county.

At the top of the list was the Newbourne Fox, which was named among the best pubs in the East of England in the National Pub & Bar Awards this year.