More than 400 roads are set to benefit from new surfaces this year, Suffolk Highways has revealed. 

The authority is set to double the number of roads to benefit from resurfacing and surface dressing after receiving an extra £10million of investment. 

A total of 102 roads are set to be surface-dressed, which is described as a cost-effective maintenance that prolongs the life of the road. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Resurfacing has been ongoing since DecemberResurfacing has been ongoing since December (Image: Suffolk Highways)

Among the roads earmarked to receive treatment is the A1092 Moor Hall Road in Stoke by Clare in west Suffolk. 

The work is taking place alongside the 319 roads which are set to be resurfaced across the county.

Work has already been undertaken in Bixley Road and Ulster Avenue in Ipswich. 

Documents on Suffolk County Council show Trinity Avenue in Mildenhall, which has been dubbed 'Pothole Avenue' by residents, is so far yet to be included in the works. 

Paul West, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for Ipswich, operational highways and flooding, said: “We are investing an extra £10 million into or surfacing programmes this year and have been busy trialling new ways of repairing potholes quicker, whilst streamlining processes to ensure we can keep on top of a challenging period when it comes to the surge of potholes we see during winter.

East Anglian Daily Times: Paul West, of Suffolk County CouncilPaul West, of Suffolk County Council (Image: Archant)

“The surface dressing programme is one of a range of methods we use to maintain and future-proof our roads. Preventative treatments such as machine resurfacing and surface dressing help stop potholes forming in the first place.

“I am glad that extra money going to road maintenance this year is almost double what we have seen in recent years, it remains one of our top priorities as the local highway authority.

“We recognise there is some way to go, however we are committed to doing all we can within the parameters of funding and resource to maintain Suffolk’s roads to the standards we all want to see."