Further scrutiny of a controversial decision to introduce parking tariffs in Sudbury, Hadleigh and Lavenham will take place next week after a call-in by concerned councillors.

Babergh District Council plans, which were drawn up after the council announced it could no longer subsidise free parking as it faces a £6.7million budget gap, were given the green light on April 8. 

The following day councillor Simon Dowling, for Hadleigh North, submitted a call-in request on the decision which was co-signed by a cross-party group.

Councillors can make call-ins when they believe a decision has been taken in a way contrary to council principles, not for when they simply disagree with the decision and wish to appeal it.

The decision will now go before the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Monday, April 22, for consideration. 

In papers before the committee, a council monitoring officer wrote: "Your reason relating to the failure of cabinet to sufficiently consider the breadth and depth of the various public engagement / consultations, to reflect this in their decision making, and to amend their proposals as a result of the engagement has been deemed a valid reason for call-in.

"It is clear that aspects of the engagement have been reflected in the final decision, but the chairman is of the view that the Overview & Scrutiny Committee should explore this in more detail as a result of your call-in." 

The approved proposal includes the introduction of a £1 charge for short stay parking for the first hour or £1 for the first two hours in long stay parking, with tariffs then rising in 50p increments, as well as a reduction in the cost of all day parking in Sudbury and Hadleigh from £3 to £2.50.

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Babergh District Council maintained that retaining an hour’s free parking, one of the recommendations some councillors were calling for, would cost the council up to £262K in lost income per year, making it impossible to deliver the aims of the parking strategy.

The Overview & Scrutiny Committee will meet at 1.30pm on Monday.