Vintage clothing fans are in for a treat as a fill-a-bag thrift sale is coming to an east Suffolk town.

The vintage clothing sale will be at Woodbridge Community Centre in Station Road from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, May 11.

The organisers have said: "We'll be packing our vans and bringing tonnes of vintage & branded goodies."

Messina Hembry announced the news on social media earlier this month in a post that read "Save the date! Join us on May 11th at Woodbridge Community Hall for our exciting KILO SALE event."


The two founders, Zac and Josh, started their vintage clothing business by selling hand-picked finds from charity shops while they were at university.

The two vintage clothing entrepreneurs, based in Great Blakenham, have promised visitors tonnes of sportswear, woman's wear, spell-out T-shirts, sweaters and trousers.

How does it work?

On arrival, you will be given a bag, which you can fill with vintage clothes.

You can fill as many bags as you wish and stock is replenished throughout the day.

Once you have finished filling your bags head to the till.

How much does it cost?

You will pay £20 per kilogram of clothes and there is a £1 entry per person on the door.