A mid Suffolk farm where families can cuddle and feed animals has been shut down temporarily following reports that four visitors have fallen ill.

Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm, between Great Blakenham and Needham Market, believes that an outbreak of a norovirus infection, a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea, may have come from its site. 

A spokesman for the farm said the animals showed no signs of illness, so they were not aware of any potential risk. 

Some staff members had fallen ill over the past few weeks but it was thought that these incidents were unrelated. 

The farm announced the news on social media in a post that read: "We are devastated to learn of four cases of illness in visitors to the farm and have decided to temporarily close while investigations are ongoing to determine the source."

The farm has said it will reopen once it has been established it is safe to do so.