Drivers are being warned as police help to escort five abnormal loads through the Suffolk today. 

Suffolk police are notifying drivers of possible delays while the escorts take place. 

The first will begin at 9.30 when an 80-tonne load is transported from Hemel Hempstead to Sizewell. 

The escort route will be: A10 Cambridgeshire Border – A47 – A146 – A143 – A146 – A1145 – A12 – B1122 – Lover’s Lane.

At 10am police will help escort portable buildings from Wickham Market to Sizewell. 

The route is as follows: Local roads – A14 – A12 – B1122 – Lover’s Lane – Local roads to site.

At 11am a 70-tonne load will leave Sizewell and make its way to Kesgrave. 

Suffolk police has said the escort route will be: Local roads – Lover’s Lane – B1122 – A12 – A1214 – Local roads to site.

Then at 2pm a 44-tonne load will leave Sizewell before heading to Whitacre Heath. 

Drivers are being warned of the following escort route: Local roads – Lover’s Lane – B1122 – A12 – A14 Cambridgeshire Border.

Suffolk police will then escort a 32-tonne abnormal load from Sizewell to Bacton, near Stowmarket, at 2.30pm. 

The route will be: Local Roads – Lover’s Lane – B1122 – A12 = A14 – Local roads to site.