A craft business making jewellery out of vintage cutlery is preparing to opens its first shop later this week. 

Natalie Graddon and her wife Jade started Cutlery With Attitude in 2021 during lockdown as Jade was unable to work as a hairdresser during the time. 

"We needed something creative and for three months it was just an idea until we decided to just do it," said Mrs Graddon. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Natalie and Jade GraddonNatalie and Jade Graddon (Image: Cutlery With Attitude)

"I started by hand stamping cutlery and had to search for old vintage cutlery as it would not work with modern stainless steel."

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In January they expanded to make rings out of vintage coins and made commissions from what people brought in to save from landfill.

"We both love vintage and it was a great way to make something lovely out of something people would just throw away," said Mrs Graddon.

East Anglian Daily Times: Natalie started by making hand stamped cutleryNatalie started by making hand stamped cutlery (Image: Cutlery With Attitude)

The pair sold their crafts at Ely market for two years before deciding to open a more permanent base. 

"The lady at the stall next to us at the market also has a place at Risby Barns and let us know a unit was available."

East Anglian Daily Times: The business makes rings out of vintage coinsThe business makes rings out of vintage coins (Image: Cutlery With Attitude)

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The couple have done the space up and are preparing to open their doors to their business on Wednesday, May 4. 

The shop will be open from 10am until 4pm every day, except Monday and Tuesday. 

The pair also want to continue to sell their crafts at Ely market on Saturdays.

"We will be there throughout the week, hand stamping and selling our unique gifts and jewellery," said Mrs Graddon. 

"We will also be renting out spaces for any of our fellow crafters to sell their crafts."

Mrs Graddon hopes the business will be able to continue to grown and expand with many people getting involved.