Evidence was heard from the young daughter of a woman who has accused a Barham man of raping her.

The evidence was given on Tuesday during the second day of the trial of John Hutton, of Old Rectory Close, Barham, who denies raping a woman following an alleged incident that took place in 2021.

Yesterday, the court heard that the victim had spent the evening of July 7, 2021, at The Fox pub in Elmswell, where she met Hutton in the garden of the pub. This was the day of the England v Denmark UEFA Euro match, which was being shown inside.

The defendant and the victim left the pub together, and were seen moving apart from one another having exchanged a kiss, as seen by one of the woman’s friends.

On Tuesday, a video recording of an interview with the victim’s young daughter was played before the court.

On the evening of July 7, an older sibling was babysitting for the young girl.

She said her mother had said that she would be home by 9pm that night as she didn’t intend to drink. Evidence from her friends was read before the court, which stated that they had been drinking Pornstar Martinis.

However, she did not arrive home until around 1.30am the following morning, accompanied by a “bald” man who she later identified as Hutton having been shown a photograph of him.

The child told the police that she had helped her mother from their downstairs bathroom up to bed. She said that Hutton came into the bathroom with her, and accompanied them upstairs.

He left the house in the early hours of the morning.

Evidence was read before the court by friends of the victim who checked on her the following day.

One recalled that she appeared “glazed over, quiet and fragile”, while another remembered seeing bruises on her arms and legs which looked like finger marks.

The trial continues.