A 34-year-old man accused of raping a woman he met in a Suffolk pub has been warned he is facing a lengthy jail term after being convicted by a jury.

Judge David Pugh remanded John Hutton in custody until his sentencing hearing on July 26 and ordered a pre-sentence report to assess the issue of dangerousness.

He warned Hutton that he was facing a "lengthy" jail sentence.

Hutton, of Old Rectory Close, Barham, had denied a charge of rape dating back to July 2021 but was unanimously convicted by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday ( May 3) after a trial.

The court heard that Hutton raped the woman after walking her home from the Fox pub in Elmswell where he had met her and her friends on a night out.

The woman had started talking to Hutton in the beer garden and later asked him and his friend to join her and her friends at their table.

One of the victim’s friends later saw the defendant and the woman in a car park kissing, the court heard.

Gareth Hughes, prosecuting, said the victim’s daughter was at home when her mother returned with Hutton and after putting her to bed, she left her with the defendant. 

It is then the alleged rape took place, said Mr Hughes.

The court heard the woman remembered being in her bed with Hutton speaking to her, but she was unsure if she replied “I can’t move” or only thought it. 

During a medical examination bruising was found on her wrist, arm, right lower leg, toes, and hip but there was no bruising in the genital area.

A urine sample found traces of cocaine although the woman said she hadn’t knowingly taken the drug.

During a police interview Hutton said he could not say what happened after he left the pub as he had been "really drunk".

He said he was absolutely baffled by the rape allegation and said it was "absolutely ludicrous" to be accused of rape.

He also denied giving the woman any illicit drugs.