An historic way to travel through and see the landscapes of east Suffolk has been named among the best in Britain. 

National newspaper The Telegraph shared a list of the country's finest ferry trips. 

"There's a sense of adventure in boarding a boat," said The Telegraph. 

"Boats can get to places - hidden coves, meandering marshlands - that other means of transport cannot."

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Butley River Ferry was included as one of the best. 

A ferry first started operating along the Butley River between Butley and Orford in the 14th century and ran until the 1930s before a revival in 1993. 

It is one of the smallest ferries in Europe as it is only able to hold four people - or two adults with bikes - and is one of only two ferries in Britain reliant on human power. 

The Telegraph said the Butley River Ferry "provides a welcome service to walkers, cyclists and nature lovers who enjoy the peace, the sightings of seals hauled on the riverbanks as well as the birdlife - and the welcome pubs in nearby Orford."