A plan for six holiday units on west Suffolk agricultural land has been refused by a council amid amenity fears. 

The proposal for six holiday units, consisting of two 'hobbit holes', two staw-bale huts and two cabins on land north of Water Lane in Little Whelnetham, near Bury St Edmunds, first appeared before West Suffolk Council in 2019. 

In a document before the council on behalf of applicant Mr Karl Shelly, the retreat was described as a setting for "holistic breaks, including for the body and mind, with activities such as yoga, walking, wildlife watching, guided meditation and outdoor dining". 

The parish council raised concerns over the plans including potential damage to trees and impact on neighbours. 

Seven letters of objection were sent to the council raising concerns over. amongst other things, loss of light, noise from the campsite and urbanisation of the countryside.

On Tuesday, April 30 West Suffolk Council refused the plan, citing concerns over noise disturbance and the level of adverse amenity impact on neighbouring properties in their decision notice.