A Suffolk town council is proposing to make parking changes that could have a 'significant impact,' including introducing permits in five streets.

Framlingham Town Council is seeking views on plans which would see drivers needing permits to park on street in Castle Street, Double Street, Church Street, Fore Street and Fairfield Road.

On its website, the town council said: "The town council is proposing some changes to parking across the town centre including parking on some roads being for permit holders only from 8am-8pm.

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"We would really welcome the thoughts of residents, businesses and visitors as these changes could have a significant impact on the town."

As well as the parking permits, there are also plans to introduce new yellow lines, including double yellows on both sides of Mount Pleasant from the College Road end to the entrance with Windwhistle and number six.

Yellow lines at the north end of Fore Street will be extended on both sides of the road up to the entrance to the garages in front of number 75A.

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Furthermore, there will be new yellow lines on the north side of Fairfield Road from just past the electricity sub-station to opposite the entrance to The Fens, while yellow lines on the south side will be extended to the entrance to The Fens.

In College Road, there will be new yellow lines on the west side in front of the primary school, joining up the two sets already in place, while in Bridge Street new yellow lines will be created in front of the driveway to the left of Callendar's Florist.

The permit parking restrictions would be in place from 8am to 8pm and permits are likely to cost £30 per year, payable to East Suffolk Council, which would be responsible for enforcing the restrictions. 

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