A new restaurant bringing a taste of Italy has opened in a Suffolk town. 

Franco's, which is a new venue specialising in Italian cuisine, has opened its doors in Sudbury. 

The restaurant that serves a range of traditional Italian dishes with an Asian twist. 

Last month signs for a new steakhouse and cocktail bar were spotted at the former Riverside restaurant in Cross Street in Sudbury. 

Those looking to stay can choose from several rooms with views of the water meadows. 

The mayor of Sudbury said the venue is in a great location and hopes that it will succeed

Jan Osborne said: "It's actually in a fantastic location and it will be good to see it up and running again because it has been through several owners without much success.

"My view is it will be great to see it provide a facility where people can al-fresco eat along the river.

"I think it it is fantastic for Sudbury and I think it will be good and will attract tourism, people will stay longer and enjoy the river."