A west Suffolk business is assisting the county council to go green by providing electric commercial vehicles.

Herd Hire Bury St Edmunds is supporting Suffolk County Council in its promise of reaching carbon net zero by furnishing the authority with electric vehicles.

The county council recently received its third electric van, a Ford E-Transit, bolstering its ongoing dedication to sustainable working practices.

Andy Elliston, director at Herd Hire Bury St Edmunds, said: “Electric vehicles (EVs) offer an excellent opportunity to help the county on a pathway towards its net zero ambition and we are delighted to be helping to create a greener future with many benefits to Suffolk residents, businesses, and visitors.”

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This vehicle will be utilised by the courier and postal department at Gipping Court Ipswich, transporting 100,000 library books around Suffolk weekly.

Vertas is striving towards further electric integration by installing numerous EV charge points to amplify their fleet's electrification.

Herd Hire Bury St Edmunds said it is smoothing this transition, providing both expertise and customer service to deliver productive solutions for the Vertas facility needs.