A train passenger has spoken of the 'panic' after a group of travellers were locked in Bury St Edmunds train station late at night at the weekend.

Dozens of people became trapped in the station late on Saturday night as, upon disembarking their train, they realised the gates to leave had been locked. 

Tom, one of the passengers who found themselves stuck, said: "It was the last train back to Bury from Cambridge. The Strawberry Fair had been on in Cambridge so the train was busy.

East Anglian Daily Times: Passengers stuck in the stationPassengers stuck in the station (Image: Tom Clark)

"We got off the train in Bury, went downstairs to the turnstiles but, there was a sliding gate that had been pulled across and locked so we were all trapped.

"I believe someone made a phone call to the fire brigade, and someone set off an alarm too, but after about 15 minutes of waiting, everyone's patience was running thin, so the majority of people decided to climb over a high wall adjacent to the train platform.

"The wall was quite high so myself and others stood at the bottom to assist people in case they fell and hurt themselves from the fall. I think everyone was OK." 

East Anglian Daily Times: Passengers jumping over the fence Passengers jumping over the fence (Image: Tom Clark)

Tom said he believes those working at the station must have accidentally locked the door before the final train had come in. 

"People were tired and irritable. It was late," he said. "Some of the group tried to force the gate open in a panic. It felt claustrophobic."

A Greater Anglia spokesperson, said: "We are currently investigating an incident affecting some customers arriving at Bury St Edmunds station late on Saturday evening, delaying their onward journeys.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Anyone who was affected is encouraged to contact us at contactcentre@greateranglia.co.uk or via other methods outlined on our website."