A stressed mum-of-three who created blackout blinds for her children after they struggled to sleep now has a thriving £1.3m turnover business.

Audrey Buck, 56, of Reydon, near Southwold, wanted to be a stay-at-home mum so launched her business, Easyblinds, from home.

It was inspired by a chat with a friend about the wakeful nights she was experiencing with her children. Her friend told her about a DIY blackout blind trick made from a bin bag.

The solution worked a treat, but she decided to go a step further and create her own blackout blinds from scratch.

East Anglian Daily Times:

Her creations became popular with friends facing similar issues and demand snowballed by word of mouth - leading to the launch of her business.

She launched her own website in 2002 and the business grew organically from there. 

But the brand really took off when she joined Amazon in 2008 which heightened awareness and allowed her to expand into different markets. After moving to Fulfillment By Amazon

They’ve made the most of SME seller university resources and their account manager to guide them through.

When she moved to Fulfilment By Amazon it led to Amazon drawing 80% to 90% of her sales. In 2023, turnover was a staggering £1.3 million.

Audrey said Amazon had been "an invaluable partner" on their journey - especially during the challenging transition period of Brexit - and led to the business netting more than a million pounds.

"Without Amazon's assistance, expanding our overseas presence in Europe and the USA wouldn't have been nearly as seamless or successful.

"Joining the Amazon 360 program (personalised consultancy for rapid growth) in 2018 marked a pivotal turning point for us.

"The support we've received from our account manager has been invaluable and it's the kind of support that once you get you can’t do without."

The product - originally marketed to help parents with children is now being sold to a much wider market from shift workers to householders with bright street lamps outside their homes.