Cyclists in Suffolk have raised more than £5,0000 for a UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of brain tumour patients and their families.

The family-friendly Lark Rise Bike Ride event, which involved 250 participants outside Bury St Edmunds last Sunday, was to raise money for brainstrust’s “brain boxes”.

There were 250 riders who joined the effortThere were 250 riders who joined the effort (Image: braintrust)

These brain boxes provide vital information and support tools to help patients navigate their diagnosis and treatment journey.

Additionally, funds raised supported one-on-one coaching and other services.

The event started at Swallows Nursery in Mixbury and there were three routes to choose from: short, medium and long, depending on the skill and age of the rider.

There were three different routes to choose from for the rideThere were three different routes to choose from for the ride (Image: braintrust)

Chris Swallow, co-organiser of the Lark Rise Bike Ride, shared the heartfelt origins of the event. “After completing a road-based charity ride with my son, I realised how much safer a ride might be for families if all faster roads could be avoided.

Children also joined the eventChildren also joined the event (Image: braintree)

"Together, with the help of my friend Ian Hicks, a keen rider who has sadly passed on now, we devised a circular route which follows tracks and quiet lanes through much-loved local fields and estates.

"Initially, we supported Action Research, then after a few years an article on the fantastic work of brainstrust caught my eye.

“On contacting the charity, we seemed to have an immediate rapport.

“It's a great day out, with drink stops on the way, and hot food on offer back at the nursery.”

Will Jones, CEO of brainstrust, added, “The dedication of the Lark Rise team and the local community is truly inspiring.

“The funds raised through this event have provided countless hours of coaching and hundreds of brain boxes, directly benefiting brain tumour patients.

“We look forward to each event and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.”

For more information on the Lark Rise Bike Ride click here.