A 20-year-old Colchester man who committed a string of offences including dangerous driving and robbery has been locked up for four years.

Connor Downer was found to have £1,500 cash and 14 bags of cocaine in his car after he was involved in a police car chase which ended when his Ford Fiesta collided with a people carrier and a mini,  Ipswich Crown Court heard.

During the chase Downer had driven at speed causing other drivers to brake or move out of the way to avoid a collision and at one stage a cyclist fell off his bike after the Ford Fiesta came within 30cm of him.

Downer had got out of the passenger door and tried to run off but was tackled by police and arrested, said Adam Budworth, prosecuting.

On another occasion Downer had gone to the home of a man whose son owed him money armed with a machete.

Downer was seen pacing outside the house and at one stage he had put part of the machete through the letter box resulting in the victim thinking the defendant was going to get into the house and kill him, said Mr Budworth.

Downer had also approached a 16-year-old boy in Colchester and threatened to stab him if he didn’t hand over a fake Louis Vuitton bag he was carrying.

The defendant had shown the teenager what appeared to be the handle of a knife although the court heard he'd pleaded guilty to robbery on the basis that he hadn't had a knife.

Downer, 20, of Maidenburgh Road, Colchester, admitted dangerous driving and possessing cocaine with intent to supply which were committed in April 2022.

He also admitted an offence of robbery which took place in February 2023 and offences of affray and possessing a machete in February this year.

He also admitted being in breach of a 17 month sentence of detention suspended for two years which was imposed in November last year and breach of a probation order.

In addition to being sentenced to 48 months detention in a young offenders' institution he was banned from driving for three and a half years.

Joe Bird for Downer said his client had expressed remorse for the offences.

He said there had been delays in charging Downer with the earlier offences which had been to his disadvantage.