A Suffolk village has been named as one of Britain's top 20 work from home hotspots by the Daily Mail.

Lavenham, described as 'England's finest medieval village', sits comfortably between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury and has a population of a few thousand people.

Thriving with history and described as England's 'best preserved medieval town', Lavenham offers timber framed buildings, quaint medieval churches and the picturesque countryside - perfect to work comfortably from.

Sitting a little bit out of reach from the constant hustle and bustle of a town, the closest train station is in Sudbury, seven miles away. 

The Swan in Lavenham, a luxury hotel, spa and restaurant (Image: Archant) Getting places: Despite being tucked away in the countryside of Suffolk, the small village is just under an hour and a half away from London on the train.

Things to do: If you fancy a treat, The Swan offers itself as a luxury hotel, spa and restaurant and The Crooked House is a great places for events, antiques and a good photo opportunity. 

Average house price: £420,000 - a bit on the pricey side but to live in a village rich with medieval history it may just be worth it.