Felixstowe is setting up for a summer celebration - and the resort is expecting a large crowd to turn out to its carnival

Felixstowe Carnival is happening From Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28 this year and is themed 'lights, camera, action!'.

The carnival has been running for more than 60 years, organised by volunteers, and has remained the event the town look forward to each year.

The Felixstowe Carnival procession takes two and a half hours (Image: Danielle Booden) Sarah Gooch, chairman of the Felixstowe Carnival Association, said: "There's a lot of work involved.

"We're unpaid volunteers who just want to make the carnival a free, fun event for the town".

So what can you expect?

Friday, July 26

  • Proms night

  • Music from 6pm until 10pm

Saturday, July 27

  • Procession starting at Colneis Road, following through Beatrice Avenue, Hamilton Road, Orwell Road, Garrison Lane, Undercliff Road West and Sea Road.

Sunday, July 28

  • Fireworks display

The procession is packed with music, floats, costumes and dancing (Image: Danielle Booden) Ms Gooch said her favourite part of chairing the carnival "is seeing it all come together especially when we start planning 11 months in advance".

She added: "We have to start planning in August the year before, just to get everything booked and done for the carnival to take place the following July."

The origins of the carnival are still being researched, but Felixstowe Carnival Association said: "Over the years the carnival has undergone many changes but the fun still remains.

"The aims of the carnival association is and will remain the same, working together as a community for the community."

The carnival is free and will have stalls and refreshments in Felixstowe Leisure Centre on both days of the weekend.