Firefighters came to the rescue of fish struggling to breathe in a Suffolk pond.

A firecrew from Woodbridge was called to a pond in the town at about 10am on Saturday, July 6, following reports that fish were struggling due to low oxygen levels in the water.

The crew used hose jets and a breaching pump to force oxygen back into the pond.

The crew used jet hoses to pump oxygen back into the waterThe crew used jet hoses to pump oxygen back into the water (Image: Woodbridge Fire Station)
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The crew remained at the scene until oxygen levels improved and the fish were no longer in distress.

A spokesman for the station said: "When we arrived, the fish were seen to be surfacing regularly with their mouths open. By the time we left, they had stopped surfacing and were swimming around the areas where we were directing the jets of water."

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Pumps being used at the scenePumps being used at the scene (Image: Woodbridge Fire Station)

"The owner was happy that we had made a considerable difference and he had some equipment arriving soon that would aerate the water going forward."