Youngsters enjoy a wildlife trip organised by a hospice, despite the rain.

A group of children, supported by East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), enjoyed a packed itinerary of wildlife spotting and nature exploration at Orford Ness, despite poor weather conditions.

The adventure was planned for children being looked after by EACH at The Treehouse in Ipswich, with attendees either having lost a sibling or having a brother or sister receiving care.

A total of 16 children, aged between five and 14, braced the rain to complete tasks set by National Trust Rangers.

Mia Barden, Mia and Abigail Cotton-Reid at Orford Ness Mia Barden, Mia and Abigail Cotton-Reid at Orford Ness (Image: Submitted)

EACH play specialist Hailey Allen said: "It was a fascinating day and everyone enjoyed it very much."

The day began with a coach trip followed by a boat crossing to Orford Ness.

Ms Allen felt that the weather didn't hamper the children's enthusiasm. She said: “The only thing that let us down was the weather but that didn’t dampen the children’s spirits.

"There were lots of laughs and giggles, despite getting soaked.

“When we were there, we enjoyed exploring Orford Ness, including taking part in various activities organised by the National Trust Rangers.

“These included bug hunting, checking moth traps and even dissecting owl pellets. It was very interesting.”

The children also had the opportunity to birdwatch from a viewing point, enriching their experience further.

Scarlett Markham and Evelyn Brinkly at Orford Ness Scarlett Markham and Evelyn Brinkly at Orford Ness (Image: Submitted)

Celebrating the day's success, Ms Allen added: “The Rangers were brilliant and explained so much about the nature and environment around us

“All the children left with a goody bag and Young Ranger badge, which was a lovely memento of a very special day.”

EACH organises such 'sibling days' during school holidays for children aged five and above.

These events serve as safe venues for children to have fun, make friends, and find mutual support among children dealing with similar circumstances.