Rangers are patrolling a mid Suffolk beauty spot after it has been targeted by anti-social behaviour. 

Needham Lake in Needham Market has been subjected to "completely unacceptable" behaviour in recent months, with visitors allegedly throwing rocks at animals, publicly defecating and leaving litter behind. 

Patrols have been stepped up by police, while Mid Suffolk District Council has confirmed rangers are now in place during peak times. 

The lake is a popular attraction for locals and touristsThe lake is a popular attraction for locals and tourists (Image: Charlotte Bond)

A spokesman for the council said: "Things have settled down over the last few weeks, and further steps are in place to help keep it a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

"We have a security company visiting the site during weekends, and the police are carrying out regular patrols onsite and responding to any reports they receive from members of the public."

However, some residents are concerned the rangers will be enough of a deterrent. 

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Julia Hicks, who lives in the town, said: "Although I feel some litter bins should be provided in public areas, I think most people should take rubbish home with them, as we all have rubbish bins at home. 

"I personally don't think the rangers are going to be much of a deterrent because the people who are determined to make our lake a mess will just do it anyway.

"The rangers shouldn't have to clean up after dirty, messy people. They are there to keep the area clean and safe and they are not bin men. 

"I love the fact it is available to everybody, locals and tourists. I don't like the large groups of people taking over though and spoiling the lake for locals and visitors. It often makes me uncomfortable - leaving their mess behind for others to clean up is not fair." 

Mid Suffolk District Council has also revealed work to upgrade children's play equipment at the site has started.

Additional reporting by Tayla Brady