A key Bury St Edmunds route that was closed for more than three weeks at the start of the year following flooding has been flooded again. 

The A143 Compiegne Way in the west Suffolk town was closed for more than three weeks starting on December 31, 2023, as Suffolk Highways worked to clear flood water from the road.

The road reopened on January 25 and a Suffolk Highways spokesperson said two new pumps had been fitted.

At the time, many residents and community leaders hit out at the prolonged closure which caused congestion in and around the town centre as motorists tried to find alternative routes.

On Saturday, July 6, however, residents took to social media to share that the road had been flooded again. 

A Suffolk Highways spokesperson said of the flooding over the weekend: "Following heavy rainfall, the river levels were found to be too high for the pumps to manage the water.

"However, following further inspection, the road is now clear of water following the river levels reducing." 

They confirmed the drainage system in place at the site is working as expected.

This isn't the first time flooding has taken place on the road since it reopened in January, as it was closed again on February 19 following rain. 

Suffolk Highways said the road was shut due to high river levels and water that was unable to be cleared from the carriageway.

Compiegne Way is currently clear of water and open to road users.