A lifeboat was launched to rescue a sailor who became unwell while on a boat in the early hours of the morning. 

Aldeburgh RNLI was asked by the Coastguard to aid a sailor near Orford just after 12.30am on Friday, July 5. 

The inshore lifeboat, Susan Scott, was launched and arrived at the scene at 1.10am. 

The crew boarded the sailor's boat to help make them as comfortable as possible while carrying out a casualty car assessment. 

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Following an initial assessment and monitoring, the sailor was transferred onto the Susan Scott lifeboat and taken to Orford Quay for continued monitoring by Coastguard teams from Shingle Street and Felixstowe. 

The sailor was later taken to A&E for further medical care. 

The lifeboat returned to the station at Aldeburgh, with the incident cleared by 4.15am.