A14 lorry driver dies after tyre explosion

A LORRY driver has died today after a tyre exploded as he carried out an inspection on his vehicle at the side of the A14.

A HORRIFIC tyre explosion left a trucker dead as he checked his vehicle at the side of the A14.

The driver of the Daf truck, believed to be in his 50s, died as a result of a massive blast from one of his tyres today which left him with serious injuries.

It is thought the explosion may have had a similar impact to a bomb going off.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, on the Bury St Edmunds-bound carriageway at Haughley, near Stowmarket, the man was already unconscious and badly hurt due to the force of the explosion, which happened at about 12.25pm.

The road was completely closed to allow the air ambulance to land, but despite the best efforts of medics, he could not be revived.

Suffolk police have not yet named the dead man. A spokeswoman said his death was not being treated as suspicious and details had been passed to the coroner.

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Motoring organisation The AA said it was very rare for tyres to explode, but warned all drivers that checking the pressure of their wheels was vitally important.

A spokeswoman said: “The main reason for a tyre exploding is either massive over inflation, and I mean when it is extremely over inflated, not just a bit. Or a under inflation, because then the tyres can get too hot.

“But it is very very rare.

“These things happen in workshops where the tyres are behind barriers and there is a lot of protection, but it is the first time I have heard of it in ages on the roads.

“The important thing is to always check the pressure of the tyres. Do it once a fortnight at home, before you've gone anywhere.”

Today's tragedy comes after 27-year-old Martyn Bacon was killed last year by another exploding tyre.

Mr Bacon took the brunt of the blast when the tyre he was fitting at Chilton Grain on the outskirts

of Sudbury exploded in July.

At Health and Safety investigation was launched following the accident at Mr Bacon's father's Dial-a-Tyre business.