Disqualified drink-driver jailed for repeating same offences one year later

Adam Miszkiel was jailed for 24 weeks for drink-driving whille disqualified and subject to a suspend

Adam Miszkiel was jailed for 24 weeks for drink-driving whille disqualified and subject to a suspended sentence imposed for the same offences Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

A man has been jailed for drink-driving while disqualified – a year to the day after being convicted of the same offences.

Adam Miszkiel refused to take a breath test, provided false details and threatened to punch a police officer after being arrested near Ipswich last Sunday afternoon.

The 41-year-old, of Victor Road, Colchester, was eventually found to have driven 102 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - the limit being 35mcg.

Miszkiel, who admitted drink-driving and driving while disqualified at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court on Monday, had been subject to a suspended jail sentence imposed on March 8 last year for driving with 128mcg of alcohol in breath, while disqualified for failing to provide a breath sample in 2015.

Prosecutor Lesla Small said Miszkiel and another male were seen urinating beside the Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre, in Capel Saint Mary, before leaving in a Honda Civic at about 3.50pm.

Police followed the car along the A12 to the Jet petrol station, where Miszkiel refused to provide a sample of breath before telling officers “arrest me then”, when warned about the consequences.

Details provided in custody were proved to be false after Miszkiel’s fingerprints were put through a Live Scan machine, Ms Small told the court.

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“He was aggressive and told an officer ‘I could punch you in the face’ before eventually providing a specimen,” she added.

Dino Barricella, acting as duty solicitor, argued it would be unjust for magistrates to activate Miszkiel’s suspended prison sentence because of his hitherto good compliance with the probation service and potential impact of custody on his job, home and family.

Mr Barricella said that, of the little mitigation he could offer, there was no evidence of an unacceptable standard of driving.

“While there seemed to be some lack of co-operation to begin with, his mood changed and he provided a sample as soon as an interpreter arrived,” he added.

He said Miszkiel had unresolved drink problems, despite being deemed no longer dependant following a court ordered treatment programme.

Magistrates activated eight weeks of the suspended sentence and imposed consecutive eight-week sentences for the latest offences.

Miszkiel was also banned from driving for another five years.

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