Adastral Park: Innovation Martlesham seeks more high-tech start-ups

THE Innovation Martlesham Incubator is looking for technology start-up companies keen to grow their businesses in the auspicious environs of BT’s Adastral Park.

INNOVATION Martlesham, the high-tech cluster of ICT companies located at Adastral Park, in Martlesham is open for applications from start-up companies in the ICT and technology space for its Incubator program.

The IM Incubator nurtures technology companies in their early stages.

Being part of the Incubator provides a start-up company the opportunity to be part of a technology eco-system with a wide variety of other ICT companies, including the recent graduates of the Incubator; Disect and OXEMS, but also some of the world’s leading ICT companies including Alcatel-Lucent, BT, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Companies who are interested in entering the IM Incubator will go through a selection process to ensure they are at the right stage to be part of the incubator. They are overseen by the IM Incubator Panel, who also provide on-going guidance and review meetings to help the companies become sustaining and commercially successful businesses.

Disect Systems, the first ICT start-up in the IM Incubator, had successfully moved out of the Incubator program and into the newly refurbished Ross building as a paying tenant of Innovation Martlesham at Adastral Park in July of last year. Disect Systems Ltd is a UK based developer of scanner imaging software specifically designed to run on conventional computing platforms rather than expensive bespoke solutions.

Regarding their time in the IM Incubator, Derek Brinkley, CEO of Disect Systems, commented: “The advice and support from the team of business mentors was invaluable in setting us off in the right direction. Being based at Adastral Park, a well-known address with other ICT companies has also been helpful to our business.”

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OXEMS was the second company to successfully graduate the IM incubator in March of this year. OXEMS has a brand new solution for precision surface based location and identification of buried utility assets, particularly modern plastic assets which are notoriously difficult to find once buried.

Kevin Gooding, CEO of OXEMS, said: “Being part of the IM Incubator provided many distinct advantages including having a BT Adastral Park address and use of the wider site facilities. Having access to mentors has been particularly helpful, specifically with the personal recommendation of potential partners. This, along with the networking opportunities have been invaluable, since I did not know any of the companies or individuals OXEMS is now working with before I joined the Incubator. The quarterly reviews by the Incubator Review Panel provided useful feedback, and the targets set ensured that I remained focused and didn’t get ‘lost’.”

IM has recently announced another company accepted into the Incubator programme; Transfaction. Transfaction is a start-up technology company with aspirations to become the leading provider of smart technology transport solutions for those buying or supplying transport.

“The process for getting into the Martlesham Incubator is competitive, but well worthwhile,” said Martin Robinson, founder and managing director of Transfaction. “Free start-up facilities are just what a micro company needs because it allows any resource to be spent on developing your idea. The system of a Board Presentation, Project Plan, and Quarterly Reviews means there is a “drum beat” to your working, and the process makes you accountable.”

“The network of experts means that you soon get plugged into people who will share the journey,” Robinson continued. “You also get access to networking sessions, and fellow technology companies, who can share practices which will help you save time and give you the quickest route.”

Additional support for IM companies and Incubator

IM Incubator companies have recently been given more support with the recent announcement of new IM team member Jim Milne.

Jim has over 30 years experience in Product Management, Customer Service and Operations with major corporates as well as start-ups. He has launched and operated many global products including BT’s Managed Service Portfolio and a Fraud Bureau for the revenue assurance company Subex. He is an avid customer champion and ensures there is a strong customer focus built into all the products and services he is associated with.

“The IM Incubator offer is unmatched in this Region and is an excellent facility that offers ICT start-ups the time, flexibility and support to get a firm basis in their sector,” said Jim Milne. “In today’s economic climate it is difficult to start a business, and the ICT sector is no different. The IM Incubator gives start-up businesses a higher chance of success than those outside the Incubator. What a fantastic opportunity to those who dare!’

: : Technology based start-ups interested in applying to join the IM Incubator should contact Jim Milne at

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