Aldeburgh: Controversial sculpture suffers fresh vandalism

A LONG running saga involving a controversial piece of artwork appears to have been re-ignited.

This photograph of The Scallop in Aldeburgh was taken yesterday by Philip Dawes,

It clearly shows a fresh spate of vandalism, with phrases including “its just an old tin can” and “move it” painted across the sculpture.

The artwork has been the subject of much debate - with some loving and others hating its prominence on one of the county’s most popular beaches.

A row erupted when the 15ft stainless steel structure was first revealed in November 2003.

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Acts of vandalism similar to the one pictured were common - but in recent years the furore surrounding the artwork appeared to have died down.

This latest act came as a surprise to its creator, Aldeburgh artist Maggi Hambling.

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“I’m surprised that people have nothing better to do,” she said. “However it just goes to show, as in football, its dangerous to think it’s all over.

“It seems to be executed by rather unimaginative people. It’s very boring.”

Last night a spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council said they would seek to clean up the mess as soon as possible.

“We condemn the stupidity of this mindless act of vandalism on an established feature of the Aldeburgh landscape,” he added.

The sculpture was created in honour of composer Benjamin Britten, who had a home in Aldeburgh.

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