Aldeburgh: Much loved statue of Snooks the dog is set for new home

A MUCH adored statue of a popular pooch will soon have a new home.

The original bronze memorial of doctor’s dog Snooks was returned to Aldeburgh earlier this year after being stolen almost 10 years ago.

The 2ft statue disappeared from next to the model yacht pond in February 2003 – causing much upset in the town.

A large fundraising effort followed - with many youngsters donating their pocket money - and an exact replica was cast as a replacement.

In July this year the original statue - first unveiled in 1961 in memory of Aldeburgh GP Dr Robin Acheson - was returned after being discovered by antiques dealer John O’Connor.

Community leaders vowed to find it a good home and at a meeting on Monday night members of Aldeburgh Town Council voted in favour of permanently loaning it to the Aldeburgh Hospital League of Friends - subject to a letter of agreement.

Tony Bone, chairman of the League of Friends, said: “The plan is to put it in the garden of the hospital. It will be nice for the patients and visitors to see it there in the garden.

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“The Achesons were very involved with the hospital so it’s very appropriate.”

The statue of Snooks was originally installed in honour to his owner, Dr Acheson, who cared for the community from 1931 to 1959.

Dr Acheson’s wife, Nora, also a doctor, carried on as GP after his death until she died in 1981 and her name was added to the monument later.

Snooks, who followed his master as he made his calls and became a familiar sight around the town, got his name because the family ate tinned snook (a sort of fish) from Africa during the Second World War.

He had a tendency to eat pebbles and found himself under the surgeon’s knife for his unusual habit.

The much loved statue featured in postcards, as well as articles on the town, and generations of children have been held up by their parents so they could pat his nose, to the point where it was said to be wearing away.