Aliens ‘tampered’ with nuclear weapons at Suffolk base

FORMER members of the US Air Force have revealed aliens interfered with nuclear weapons at a Suffolk base in the 1980’s.

A VETERAN US air force chief has told of the “bright glowing object” he and other servicemen spotted hovering in the skies at a Suffolk air base.

At a Press conference in Washington last night the servicemen broke their silence describing how they believe UFOs had tampered with nuclear missiles in the US and the UK.

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Halt was deputy base commander at RAF Woodbridge in December 1980 when patrolmen from the United States Air Force claimed they saw a small, triangular shaped craft moving backwards through Rendlesham Forest before taking off.

They claim missiles often malfunctioned and could not be fired after the strange, disc-like objects appeared at the air base.

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Lt-Col Halt told the Press conference he was working at RAF Bentwaters, near Rendlesham, in 1980 when the encounter took place.

He said early one morning in December 1980 several of his base’s security forces saw lights in the forest near Woodbridge. Two USAF patrolmen sent to approach the lights reported a craft, describing it as triangular, dark and metallic in appearance, sitting on three legs.

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Days later he said he was interrupted at a family Christmas party and told the lights were back. He went back out into the forest with a couple of policemen, a camera and a cassette recorder.

At the site in Rendlesham Forest he said they discovered indentation on the forest floor, of around six to eight feet wide and increased levels of radiation as well as broken branches on the trees.

At the Press conference Lt-Col Halt said: “Milling around one of the individuals saw a bright glowing object like an eye.

“It would appear to be winking and was shedding molten metal and silently moving through the trees and at one point it actually approached us.”

He then described how the object exploded into five white objects which became visible in the sky.

He described how he moved out of the forest and observed “several objects in the sky” which changed shape from elliptical to round.

One of the objects then directed a beam of light at the feet of the men, the Press conference heard.

“I have no idea what we saw that night but I do know it was under intelligent control. My theory is that it was from another dimension or extra-terrestrial,” Lt-Col Halt said.

He and five other senior US military officers are calling on US and British authorities to release 60 years’ worth of files they claim prove the existence of extra-terrestrials.

The former officers claim that UFOs have been seen over many nuclear launch sites and displayed a number of declassified Government documents at the Press conference to support their claims.

The Rendlesham Forest incident, often described as ‘Britain’s Roswell’ happened in the early hours of December 27, 1980, but was never fully explained.

Papers released by the National Archives show the Ministry of Defence’s final position was that there was “no evidence of anything having intruded into British airspace.”

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