ASBO teen banned from part of town

A foul-mouthed 16-year-old who abused and intimidated a neighbourhood is today banned from shops, a school and part of the Rushmere area.

IPSWICH: A foul-mouthed 16-year-old who abused and intimidated a neighbourhood is today banned from shops, a school and part of the Rushmere area.

Tearaway teen Billy Whinney was given an anti-social behaviour order by Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court, preventing him from plaguing shopkeepers and residents.

Now, other young yobs have been warned that if they do not mend their ways with the help and support of the borough council, police and other agencies, they too will face similar action.

Ipswich Council successfully applied for the Asbo highlighting 21 incidents of abuse, intimidation and other obnoxious behaviour.

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Following the order being implemented Whinney has been barred from entering parts of Selkirk Road and Sidegate Lane West. He also cannot enter Forfar Close without permission.

The teenager, who now lives in Wellington Street, is also banned from entering Thompson's Fruit and Veg shop, Rushmere Takeaway and the Ipswich Co-op store, all in Selkirk Road. In addition he is barred from two Spar shops - one in Freehold Road, the other at 777 Woodbridge Road - as well as a second Ipswich Co-op store in Sidegate Lane West.

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Northgate High School and its sports centre are also out of bounds to Whinney.

Twenty separate incidents were highlighted to the court as a testimony of Whinney's appalling behaviour over a 15-month period between February 2008 and May last year. A further series of incidents were said to have taken place over a five-year period against one person.

Andy Solomon, anti-social behaviour network manager for Ipswich Borough Council said: “Applying for an ASBO on a young person is not something done lightly, we have to follow guidance which is clear that other interventions have to be tried beforehand and that every chance has to be given to the young person to change his/her behaviour.

“Billy Whinney was given every opportunity to change and although given much help and support continued with a campaign of intimidation on people living and working in the Rushmere area.

“This action sends out a loud and clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated and that if you choose to ignore those who want to help keep you out of trouble you will face similar consequences.”

Do you support the council's action? E-mail or write to Star Letters, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN.

Among the incidents Whinney was responsible for are:

Swearing at people because of their nationality

Telling an off-duty female police officer he would find out where she lived

Throwing stones at Thompson's Fruit and Veg shop

Blocking the entrance to the shop

Verbally abusing residents

Producing a spanner and socket, before telling Co-op staff that he was “coming back with force”

Abusing a shop working after smashing a window with a football

Firing a paint ball gun at properties in Forfar Close

Provoking two puppies by kicking a gate and then swearing at the occupant of the property

Trespassing at Northgate High School and disturbing pupils waiting to sit exams

Making abusive, homophobic remarks and lewd gestures to a person over a five-year period

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