Asparagus: Bean’s top ‘tips’

Asparagus, pancetta and parmesan linguine with chive cream

Asparagus, pancetta and parmesan linguine with chive cream - Credit: PA

The British asparagus season is in full swing. Keeley Bolger unearths TV chef Marcus Bean’s top tips for making the most of this special vegetable

Like love, a perfectly brewed cup of tea and the next series of Downton Abbey, some things in life are worth the wait. And they include British asparagus.

With a season spanning roughly eight weeks a year and ending in late June, British asparagus is a flighty friend.

So flighty that you may be flummoxed as to what to do with these lean, green shoots. But before you resign yourself to another helping of fail-safe broccoli, TV chef Marcus Bean has plenty of top ‘tips’.

“I love asparagus. The possibilities are endless,” he says. “It’s just about knowing a few recipes to make the most of it.”

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Bean’s teamed up with the British Asparagus campaign to encourage more of us to enjoy the home-grown delicacy.

“It’s such a long process to cultivate our asparagus but when it’s right, it’s just so good that it’s a shame not to eat it,” he says.

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Try this recipe that Bean has written for British Asparagus.

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