Babergh leader asks for calm on possible headquarters move with Mid Suffolk

Babergh District Council, Corks Lane, Hadleigh.

Babergh District Council, Corks Lane, Hadleigh.

The leader of Babergh has called for the council and Mid Suffolk not to rush proposals which could see their headquarters scrapped.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk district councils have voted to further examine plans which would see an administrative hub developed with satellite offices providing services. The councils are expecting millions of pounds in cuts in the next parliamentary term and so are looking at ways to save money.

Jennie Jenkins, Babergh’s leader, believes it is “unlikely” the council will move from its headquarters in Hadleigh to Mid Suffolk’s home in Needham Market or vice versa to create the hub. If that option is ruled out it only leaves proposals to create the hub either at Suffolk County Council’s Ipswich base or somewhere in the “Ipswich Fringe” area.

Mrs Jenkins said: “It’s not economical (to keep things as they are) because we have got staff in both offices, we have got a management board travelling to both offices and members in both offices. For the staff in particular, their working relationship would be much easier if they were in one building.

“It’s unlikely that we will move into either headquarters, we need to take a fresh look because a merger was not voted for.

“We have got plenty of time to make what will be an important decision and nothing must make us rush that.”

A final decision on whether to go ahead with any of the proposals is expected after the next district elections, in May 2015.