Bare faced cheek - a naked cleaner in Ipswich

IPSWICH: It seems the people of Ipswich are finding it difficult to keep their clothes on! Just days after the naked jogger was seen pounding the streets of Ipswich, a bare-bummed cleaner has come to town.

A nationwide website was yesterday advertising a male cleaning service in Ipswich – the only catch is that he likes to take his clothes off and clean in the buff.

Web users were left shocked after the cheeky chappie offered to complete household courses and tasks donning nothing but a pinafore.

The identity of the naked cleaner remains a mystery, and it is unknown whether anyone has taken him up on his offer.

The revelation came within days of the Evening Star revealing the story of the naked jogger.

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On Wednesday, shocked motorists and astounded pedestrians told of the surprise when they were faced with the sight of a naked jogger on their way to work.

The brave athlete was spotted in the chilly weather at the start of the morning rush hour last Friday running along Bishop’s Hill.

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One female motorist, who asked not to be named, said she was driving to work when she saw the man running past “completely starkers”.

She added: “I was gobsmacked – it put me in a bit of a daze.”

The 31-year-old, who lives near to the town’s railway station, was treated for the effects of the cold by paramedics and police officers assisted in persuading the man into an ambulance.

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