Blind dog has sight restored by facelift

A BLIND dog has had her sight miraculously restored - after getting an incredible facelift.

Molly, a pedigree Shar Pei, can now see for the first time since she was born a year ago.

The poor pup has been blind from birth as a result of entropion.

The horrific condition is caused by severe inbreeding where folds of skin rub against the eye causing pain and lead to permanent disability.

But brilliant vet Richard Marks carried out two crucial operations on Molly last week to give her the priceless gift of sight.

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Thrilled owner Louise Walsh, 30, today said he had given her beloved pet a whole new lease of life.

Mr Marks, of the Goddard Veterinary Group in Gidea Park, Romford, Essex, said: “What I essentially did was give her an extreme facelift.

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“I removed a large piece of skin and stitched the remaining skin to the back of her head.”

He added: “It may sound extreme but if it had been left much longer she would have been totally blinded.”

Louise said she was delighted now that her pet can see for the first time in her short life.

“When I first got her all she did was sleep because she was in so much pain.

“Now she is so happy all the time - playing and exploring and she loves chasing crows!

“Molly’s such a wonderful dog - she loves people and is very affectionate.

“She’s got a whole new life in front of her now thanks to Richard.”

The Kennel Club announced new regulations to prevent close family mating last year.

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