Blog: 6-year-old introduces team-mates to PAIN!

Say hello to a sporting star of the future - but pity the team-mates of Nyrel Sevilla, who must return from every practice covered in bruises.

AS I hurtle at a worrying pace towards my 30th birthday, I'm struggling to remember being six years old. I am, however, sure that I was pretty rubbish at sport at that age -and definitely nowhere nears this lad's level.

Pity the team-mates of Nyrel Sevilla. The little guy is not really any bigger than his peers, but he's about 15 times faster -and seems to understand the concept of American Football better than all of his chums put together.

Essentially, if you've got the ball, you're going to get hit. HARD, if Nyrel has anything to do with it.

- Read more now, watch the video and have your say in Mark Heath's Playing the Links blog.

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