'The blame is in your name' – Blue Action unveil anti-Evans banner

Supporters from Blue Action are calling for Marcus Evans to reform or sell Ipswich Town FC

Supporters from Blue Action are calling for Marcus Evans to reform or sell Ipswich Town FC - Credit: Blue Action

Members of the Blue Action supporters' group have unveiled a banner calling on Marcus Evans to "reform or sell" Ipswich Town.

The group unveiled the banner in Constantine Road on Saturday afternoon, as players arrived at Portman Road for the League One tie against Bristol Rovers.

The banner comes as uncertainty remains over a potential takeover of the club by an American-led investment group, which surfaced earlier this year.

Marcus Evans has said publicly that there has been no offer on the table for the club, although Land Registry searches made by the consortium on the club's training ground have added fuel to takeover rumours.

A statement issued by the group said Blue Action believe "enough is enough".

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The statement read: "Like many supporters, we are concerned that the proposed takeover of the club seems to be stalling.

"Although aware of the risks it could potentially bring, we hoped that after 13 years of failure under Marcus Evans we might finally have owners who believe in our club and are willing to do what it takes for Ipswich Town to reach its potential.

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"We were critical of the previous manager and urged Marcus Evans to relive him of his duties, which he duly did – albeit a year too late. We believe Paul Cook to be a sound appointment and he has our full support. However, we are not naïve enough to think a change of manager alone will be enough to cure this club of its woes.

"Cook will probably 'succeed', but only according to the low bar that Evans has set for the duration of his ownership – mid-table in the Championship.

"It is evident that Marcus Evans' tenure of Ipswich Town has been a disaster from start to finish, and arguably the greatest calamity in the club's 143-year history."

The group highlighted issues on and off the pitch as reasons for their discontent, mentioning both problems they see with sports science and recruitment.

Those issues, the group says, has left the club as a "mere shadow of the club that many of us grew up supporting".

The statement continued: "Evans has managed to convince sections of the fanbase that without him, Ipswich Town would cease to exist.

"We are indebted to him and should be grateful that he keeps us alive every year. But you can hardly call this living.

"We've sunk to our lowest position in over 60 years; we are consistently outplayed and out-thought by teams that were semi-professional lot long ago – we've become the laughing stock of the region, and a complete irrelevance to the national eye.

"As Ipswich Town supporters, we don't expect Premier League titles or major European honours, but we do expect a team that can regularly compete for promotion into the top division.

"It doesn't take obscene sums of money, but it does take guts, guile, determination and a willingness to think outside the box – all attributes that Marcus Evans has demonstrably shown to be lacking during his ownership of the club."

The statement went on to say fans have had enough of "five point plans" and said now is the time for "honesty and transparency" – and a "systemic transformation" of the club.

Mr Evans has continued to say he remains in full support of the club and its ambitions, adding in a statement about takeover rumours in March: "One thing I can confirm, if I feel there is something to say officially on the matter, you the supporters will be the first to hear from me.

"But for now, the only focus I have is supporting our new manager and the players in what promises to be an exciting conclusion to the season."

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