BMW shame of naked Essex girl

THE reality of “boozed up Britain” was on full show when a semi-naked young woman clambered over a car - in Colchester High Street.

THE reality of “boozed up Britain” was on full show when a semi-naked young woman clambered over a car - in Colchester High Street.

The drunken girl stripped off in the middle of town whilst it was packed with late-night drinkers but she has escaped police action - because no-one complained about her behaviour.

She had already been thrown out of one bar before getting onto a new BMW and flashing her breasts, lifting her skirt and allegedly inviting passers-by to perform a sex act on her.

Now police have admitted that unless someone complained about the girl's actions there was little they could have done - despite the fact she had earlier been warned about her behaviour by two PCSOs.

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The scenes in the middle of town were missed by CCTV, police and Army patrols, street pastors and first aid teams - but captured on a camera phone by a shocked passer-by, although they are not appropriate for a family newspaper.

He said: “It was appalling - the girl was clearly very drunk and just pulled up her skirt and clambered onto the roof of the car and began dancing about.

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“When she was persuaded by her friends to get down she just pulled down her top so everyone could see her breasts and offered herself to a bloke who was watching.”

Colchester Borough Council said their town centre CCTV system had picked up the girl after she was thrown out of Yates's wine bar nearby after allegedly putting on an impromptu strip show.

Two PCSO's were sent to the scene and spoke to the girl who then walked off with a friend.

But minutes later the dark-haired girl clambered onto the blue BMW parked in the High Street and began dancing leaving dents and scratches on the roof.

The cameras finally caught up with the woman at 11.30pm when she was seen being helped into a taxi in the High Street.

Sgt Rob Temme of Colchester police said: “The majority of those who visit the town's clubs and pubs do act responsibly.

“But just as any other busy town with a thriving night time economy we do have to deal with a small number who act inappropriately.”

Police say that the owner of the BMW did not report the damage to his vehicle following the recent incident.

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