Brave Lottie Woolley of Chattisham to jump 15,000ft to mark late sister Lucy’s 18th birthday

Lucy Woolley

Lucy Woolley - Credit: Archant

A young woman will face her greatest fear and jump 15,000ft from the sky to commemorate what would have been her sister’s 18th birthday.

Talented horse rider, Lucinda Woolley

Talented horse rider, Lucinda Woolley - Credit: Archant

Charlotte Woolley, known as Lottie, lost her sister Lucy in August 2013 after she fell off her horse near their home in Chattisham.

On January 30, Lottie will take part in the highest skydive in the UK to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is also celebrating its 15th anniversary.

“When my sister had her accident they came pretty quickly and they were very helpful and responsive,” Lottie said.

“Because of them I was able to say goodbye to my sister and was able to spend a few more precious hours with her.”

Charlotte Woolley

Charlotte Woolley - Credit: Archant

Lucinda Woolley, known as Lucy, was airlifted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for emergency treatment on August 7 and underwent three hours of surgery but died from her injuries the following day.

The 16-year-old was a pupil at Ipswich High School, and was passionate about horse riding, which saw her compete against professional riders at a national level.

“The past year has been odd for everyone but we have had to make the best of what we can,” Lottie said.

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“My greatest fear is heights – I went to Thorpe Park with my uni in April and went on the second smallest ride and burst into tears. So I thought if I was going to do one I might as well do the biggest one possible.”

Lottie, 19, is in her second year at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent studying public relations, media and marketing and she said her friends and peers had all been extremely supportive.

The East of England Air Ambulance receives no direct government funding and relies on charity donations to raise the £7.6million it needs every year. Lottie hopes to raise the amount it costs for one air ambulance mission, which currently stands at £2,448.

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