Breaking: Future of the Spa Pavilion is again in doubt as councillors recommend rejection of group’s plans

The future of Felixstowe’s Spa Pavilion is in doubt again today after planning chiefs recommended a community group’s bid to run the venue should be rejected.

The Spa Pavilion Associates, a group made up of businessmen and theatre users, was the only organisation to put in a bid to run the venue.

Councillors are being recommended to reject the group’s proposal at a meeting on July 24.

Lisa Hardy, a member of the group, said: “As a local group we have an intimate knowledge of the town and venue albeit that our inexperience may have contributed to the recommendation to reject the bid.

“However given the opportunity to develop our proposals we believe that by working with Suffolk Coastal District Council this issue can be overcome.”

The group’s bid was initially assessed by three councillors and four senior officers but they have deemed the bid as being too risky.

The panel concluded that the level of investment was not sufficient to improve the venue, the cost to the council would rise to �300,000 a year, the council would be responsible for building and maintenance and there were weaknesses in the business plan.

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Geoff Holdcroft, cabinet member for leisure and economic development, said the plan had “catastrophic risks” for the council.

He added: “The conclusion of our officers who have thoroughly reviewed the bid is that it is fundamentally flawed in many ways and would be far too financially risky for this Council to give its backing to.”

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