Brent Eleigh: Fresh air, historic streets and pretty views... but best go before winter!

A view from the Lavenham/Brent Eleigh walk

A view from the Lavenham/Brent Eleigh walk - Credit: Archant

Chris Barker takes a walk through some of Suffolk’s most picturesque landscapes

Route of the Brent Eleigh walk

Route of the Brent Eleigh walk - Credit: Archant

This is a circular walk from Brent Eleigh to Lavenham. The first half is walking in Clay Lane, which can get very difficult in winter months. The walk takes in historic Lavenham and returns to Brent Eleigh, walking through a pretty valley.

Start with your back to the church and turn left, walking on a road, soon ignoring the turning to the right. At a byway sign to your left, turn left and keep to this green path for some distance until you come to a farm. Carry on in the same direction, now on a concrete drive, soon becoming a Tarmac one. When you come to a T-junction of roads, turn left and at another T-junction turn right down Water Street, Lavenham.

When you come to another road junction (with the Swan Hotel on your right) turn left, then a left down Bear Lane. When you come to a footpath sign on your right, carry on in the same direction to the right-hand side of a sign saying Long Meadow, walking on a Tarmac path and having houses to your right, then through a gap in the hedge in front of you and straight across a field.

At a hedge to your left, turn left, out onto a road, and turn right. Just before you get to Bears Lane farm, turn left by a partially- hidden footpath sign to your left, having a hedge to your left. The path will then swing to the right, then left, and when you come to a rubble track running horizontally in front of you, turn right. Stick to the track as it swings to the left, then ignore the path to the right. Turn right by a footpath sign, keeping a stream to your left. Follow this path as it goes through trees and, when it comes out onto a concrete drive, turn right for a few paces, then left by a footpath sign. Stay with this path until it comes out onto a road and turn left. You will then come to some crossroads with the Cock Inn to your left. Carry straight on in the same direction and this will take you back to your starting point.

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