Government says it is ‘not appropriate’ to release reports that show how Brexit will impact East Anglia

Winter Wheat crop in late June overlaid with the flags of Great Britain and the European Union. PIct

Winter Wheat crop in late June overlaid with the flags of Great Britain and the European Union. PIcture: ANDREW LINSCOTT - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The government has maintained it is ‘appropriate’ to keep reports that show the impact Brexit will have on East Anglia hidden from public view.

The East Anglian Daily Times contacted the Department of Exiting the European Union after Buzzfeed today published a leaked document that reported showed that the UK would be ‘worse off’ in ‘every sector, in every region’ of the UK after Brexit.

The Buzzfeed article revealed that the government does indeed have regionialised impact assessment for each region, something that was previously denied by Brexit secretary, David Davis.

The EADT asked the department for the regional Brexit impact assessment for East Anglia and was given Minister Steve Baker’s comments in the House of Commons today as a response.

“When we bring forward the vote on the final deal that we agree with the EU, we will ensure that this House is presented with the appropriate analysis the Government has done so that the House can make an informed decision” he said.

“But, I think all members must surely agree that the Government cannot be expected to put such analysis into the public domain before the analysis has been completed.

“That would misrepresent our views.

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“Furthermore, the Government cannot be expected to publish that analysis while the negotiations continue – which would surely harm the national interest.

“Parliament has rightfully agreed that Ministers have a duty not to publish anything that could risk exposing our negotiating position.”

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